Optional Extras

Want to turn your high tea into an event that no one will forget? See our list below.

We’ll happily make any other ideas come to life for you with our connections to local entertainers.


Receive some guidance from an experienced tarot reader in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Ellissa starts at $70 per hour

or our most experienced and psychic reader
Judy from $130 per hour

For the best reading we recommend 30minutes, however for large groups they can read for up to 6 people within the hour.


Fun, interactive class with male model, all materials, games and prizes included

Great for groups up to 15 due to space

From $300 for a 1 hour class


It’s not just about drinking tea here at Mamor!  Add an experience in the ancient art of tea leaf reading. Annie is an 8th Generation reader, she also conducts tea leaf reading classes here, see our classes listings under “Learn”

for more info about Annie you can see her website: teawithannie.com

Annie is best suited to large groups, she starts with a 10 min talk about the history of tasseomancy or tea leaf reading. As a group activity it is often very entertaining for her to read everyone’s cups to the whole group,  or individually at a separate table.

Annie is $400 for a 2 hours and will ensure everyone gets a reading


Why not have a lovely young man (albeit topless!) keep your bubbly full and your tea warm!

If you have any games he will help with these as well.

$200 for 2 hours


Want to learn a routine, or how to spice up your budoir with a few teasing tricks? Ladies we wield more power than we think, lets unleash her!

Try our “How to burlesque at home 101” with Tina Joy, a half hour class will teach you the sacred art of removing your gloves.

If you’re after va-va-voom let’s shimmy, Miss Jane will teach you the moves!

Alternatively have them in for a performance for the grandest dessert presentation you’ll ever have!

10 min performance followed by 20 minute group hosting, all options are $200 for 30 minutes


is a beautiful art that goes back to the Victorian era. It is an old practice that is used very little these days, yet is one that links us back to nature.

Flower Psychometry is used to conduct Flower Readings.  So how do you understand the language of the flower in order to read it?  Quite simply, you look at the shape, condition, type, hue and other factors to gain a full understanding of the flower in order to formulate the key message. Jackie has psychic ability and passion to enlighten your path she brings this traditional art back to life again.

Guests are invited to bring flowers and place them in the vase on arrival.  This doesn’t necessarily have to be purchased at a store they can simply be picked on your way in.  Jackie will then read each flower to the whole group.  Alternatively, she can do private readings for each guest throughout your event.

Want us to provide a selection of flowers for you? We are happy to arrange at a small additional cost.

Contact us to enquire about group size and rates..