How to host your event like a pro

If you’re tackling your first hens party or wanting to surprise a loved one, hosting an event is can be a daunting role. Often we’re dealing with a combination of people we know – the hardest to organise, people we don’t know – generally polite, or people who flat out don’t respond to any messages *pulls out hair*

We’re really there to celebrate someone other than ourselves and hands down, they wouldn’t want us to loose sleep over it either so how do we own this and strut into that role with some Ru Paul confidence? Here are some tips that have helped us in the past.

Love yourself first

Can I get an amen! Wrangling cats is hard, although it’s important to be available and flexible without setting your boundaries you’ll end up being tossed around in that cat salad. Setting aside specific blocks of time for ‘event business’ is important and NO doing this on public transport is not ‘setting aside time’ put value on your work. It’s all too easy to get caught in frustrating discussions with people who don’t read the event listing properly.

Be open to suggestions


How to get your RSVP’s in time

Every Batman needs a Robin, have a 2IC you can trust

Steady your nerves on the day. 

Set a date

Baby showers are usually held when mum is about seven months pregnant. This is a great time to celebrate as the baby’s arrival is still a few weeks away, meaning she has time to get the things she needs for the baby that she wasn’t gifted at the shower.

At this stage in her pregnancy she’s hopefully comfortable enough and has plenty of energy to have one last catch up with her friends before the baby comes. Have a chat with mum and work out a date that suits her, then check venues for availability.


Work out numbers and put together a guest list 

Liaise with the expectant mum about who she wants at her baby shower. Once upon a time, baby showers were a ladies only event, but these days it’s not at all unusual to have dad there as well as other male guests. Working out numbers is great for deciding on a budget and the sort of venue that will best suit the party’s needs. Make sure to grab all of the guest’s contact details from mum. Creating a Facebook event or chat is also a great way to coordinate guest attendance!


Choose a theme

Who doesn’t love a good themed party? Baby showers are the perfect excuse for a fun theme. You can stick to the traditional cute baby theme – think little booties, rattles, and pastels galore – or, if mum likes something a little different, don’t be afraid to think outside the box! Chat with mum about what she’d like, and work from there.

Find the perfect venue

Okay, now that you’ve got a date, theme, guest list, and budget sorted it’s on the fun stuff! Check out venues in the local area that can accommodate the numbers attending. A restaurant, cafe, bar – or a high tea venue! – makes the perfect space for a celebration with none of the hassle of prepping or cleaning up. Liaise with venues to see if they have package deals for events, and also check that they’re okay with you bringing your own favours and decorations. This will vary from venue to venue.