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Honey and Hazelnut Truffle: Cream, honey, milk couverture, dark chocolate couverture, gianduja chocolate, butter, rolled in almond flakes

Passionfruit: Fruit Puree, cream white chocolate

Hazelnut Praline: Gianduja Chocolate, hazelnut paste, praline paste, milk couveture, feuillitine (dried almond)

Whisky Salted Caramel: Cream, Sugar, Dectrose, glucose, butter, seasalt, dark couverture

Floral tea Ganache: Hibiscus, rose and black tea, cream, butter, milk couveture, covered in white couverture

Strawberry Framboise: Strawberry fruit puree, cream, butter, framboise, pectin, sugar, milk coveture, covered in dark coveture

Sour Cherry Liquer: Cherrys, Brandy, fondant, dark coverture

Yuzu Curd: Yuzu concentrate, cream, glucose, salt, butter, cocoa butter dextrose, glucose, sorbital, white couveture

Lemongrass and coconut: Lemongrass, sugar, coconut cream, dark couveture, butter, sorbital

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